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Nudes: New Entries from Graphis Masters Howard Schatz and Phil Marco

The Nudes 5 Competition has already been a platform for some of the most inventive images.

Nudes: New Entries from Graphis Master RJ Muna and Photographers Tyler Ashlock & Cíntia Trigo

The Nudes 5 Competition has wonderfully unique and beautiful entries. The deadline to submit is fast approaching!

New Graphis Master: Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich from Journal #359

One of our newest Graphis Photography Masters, Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich, is continually praised for his evocative…

New Graphis Master Staudinger + Franke Featured in Journal #359

Austria-based Staudinger + Franke specializes in Photography, Motion, CGI, Retouching, and Animation… and their results are spectacular.

Nudes: New Entries by Howard Rosenberg, P.J. Fugatze & Rosanne Olson

New entries to the Nudes 5 Competition transform photography into fine art.

Nudes: New Entries by Photographers Christopher Wilson & Howard Rosenberg

These photographers display their creative and tasteful imagery in the Nudes 5 competition.

Graphis Master: Photographer RJ Muna Offers a Multitude of Breathtaking Shots

RJ Muna has an extensive career spanning about two decades of work as a photographer. Hundreds of…

Photo: New Entries Are Coming In As the Final Deadline Approaches

Photography Annual 2019’s Final Deadline is tomorrow! Here are a few of our most recent entries…

Graphis Master: Lennette Newell’s Photography Uniquely Characterizes the Animal Kingdom

Graphis Photography Master Lennette Newell does more than capture animals in their habitats. She displays their personalities…

Graphis Journal Issue 360 Profiles Prolific Photographer Howard Schatz

Journal 360 features Graphis Photography Master Howard Schatz

Photo: Christopher Wilson’s New Entries Contain Purposeful Narratives

There are rich stories behind each of Graphis Master Christopher Wilson’s shots. We were excited to see…

Graphis Master: Christopher Wilson’s Captivating Photography

Graphis Photography Master Christopher Wilson took a leap into photography and brought a wealth of knowledge with…