New Graphis Master Staudinger + Franke Featured in Journal #359

Austria-based Staudinger + Franke specializes in Photography, Motion, CGI, Retouching, and Animation… and their results are spectacular.

One of our newest Graphis Masters, Staudinger + Franke, stands out for their imaginative retouched photos and CGI work. They were recently featured in Graphis Journal issue #359 where they related their inspirations, processes and goals for the future. Andreas Franke, the co-founder of Staudinger + Franke told us, “We do a lot of research and try to think about what is not being thought of to enrich ideas and help make every image much more than standard.” Looking at their unique shots, their approach is certainly working.

The richness and complexity of the images bring them into the realm of fine art. Whether depicting a commercial vehicle, as in the example ABOVE, or using Photoshop to create a story in a single glance, the work of Staudinger + Franke is truly inspiring. 

For more on Staudinger + Franke and many other inspiring artists, order Graphis Journal, Issue #359 here. All print issues come with a free digital copy!


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