Graphis Master Michael Schwab

Known for creating award-winning logos and posters for esteemed clients such as the Golden Gate National Parks, Alcatraz, Nike, Wells Fargo, Lands End, Amtrak, and more, graphic artist Michael Schwab is today’s featured Graphis Master. Schwab imbues his work with characteristics borne of the American experience using a bold approach with juxtaposing silhouettes in his works, giving a striking, iconic, contemporary, and dramatic feeling to each image. In the words of Israeli writer Amos Klausner on Schwab, there is a “classic, timeless quality” about his work, more of which can be seen in his Master Portfolio on our website. Above are his posters for the 2013 America’s Cup (left) and for the Special Olympics in Maryland (right). See below for more!

Above is a collection of some of the logo designs in Schwab’s Master Portfolio, and below are additional posters showcasing Schwab’s dual talents as both a designer and illustrator. The poster on the left was created for the San Francisco Opera and the poster on the right was created for the 2008 Park City Jazz Festival.


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Author: Angela Sabarese