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Graphis Masters | Yusaku Kamekura

Graphis Design Masters Archive

Graphis is pleased to have the work of Yusaku Kamekura included in the Masters Design Archive. Kamekura was born on April 6, 1915 and he studied at the Institute of New Architecture and Industrial Arts. His extensive work in design has won numerous international awards. The image above is a 1993 poster titled “I’m Here.” Kamekura presents an adaption of Oskar Schlemmer’s work in a piece that identifies his Bauhaus approach to a design that is vibrant and minimalist.

Another exceptional piece by Kamekura is presented below in a poster titled, “Hiroshima Appeals.”  The poster was illustrated by Akura Yokoyama and won 1st prize at the Lahti Poster Biennale.

Additional designs are archived in the Graphis Design Masters Webpage.

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Author: Arthur Huang

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