Poster: New Entries from Germany by Graphis Master Gunter Rambow and Ariane Spanier, Stephie Becker & Romain Fontaine

As we approach the final deadline for Poster Annual 2020, we gathered a few new entries from Graphis Master Gunter Rambow and other great German designers.

Graphis Master Gunter Rambow recently submitted two exciting posters to the Poster Annual 2020 Competition. The first, “European Election 2019 – Vote Against Shadows” (ABOVE, LEFT) was created as a call for action. It uses strong imagery to remind the public to participate in the May 2019 European elections. The second, “I Puritani” (ABOVE, RIGHT) was created to advertise an opera by Vincenzo Bellini. The simplicity of the white text laid over the airborne rose petals created a striking, memorable poster for his client, Oper Frankfurt.


Gunter Rambow was not the only German designer who recently submitted to the competition. Ariane Spanier submitted “Your West Stole My East Away” (ABOVE, LEFT), which was designed for last year’s Typomania Festival in Moscow. The use of slanted text over moon-like texture certainly gave the poster a unique, retro feel. Another poster series by Spanier, along with Stephie Becker and Romain Fontaine, was “Academy Concerts 1-7 Season 2018/19” (ABOVE, RIGHT). In this series created for the Orchestra of the National Theatre Mannheim, deconstructed musical instruments frame numbers that are typographically designed to look like music notes. Each poster has a bold color background with black text, creating consistency for their graphic identity. 

Submit to the Poster Annual 2020 Competition by the final deadline TOMORROW, February 12, by 11:59pm! Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

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