Graphis Journal Issue 360 Profiles Prolific Photographer Howard Schatz

Journal 360 features Graphis Photography Master Howard Schatz

Howard Schatz is an incredibly prolific photographer who has published twenty-two books and has won several Platinum awards. Issue 360 of the Graphis Journal features an insightful Q&A with the photographer, along with several of his stunning shots. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in the Journal…
You’ve published twenty-two books. Do you have a favorite that you have enjoyed making the most? What sets it apart from the others?
Each book I’ve had published contains work from a personal project. When a book is published sometimes the project comes to an end, and that’s sometimes hard for me. I generally want to continue exploring, discovering, creating. I loved them all and fell in love with everything about them. You cannot persevere in the way necessary to complete a multi-year photographic project without having a passionate commitment to the undertaking.
Many of us share Schatz’s desire to keep “exploring, discovering and creating.” With so much inspiration to be found within the pages of the Journal, it’s a must have for artists of all disciplines.
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