Graphis Master: Lennette Newell’s Photography Uniquely Characterizes the Animal Kingdom

Graphis Photography Master Lennette Newell does more than capture animals in their habitats. She displays their personalities and gives them character.

Lennette Newell is a prized photographer known for her animal and wildlife photography. Her photos tell a story while exploring a personal esthetic and style. In addition to her personal projects, her commercial work has been awarded with many accolades and granted her guest photographer television appearances. Perhaps most importantly, Newell’s work is distinct and innovative. While many may think of animal photography as capturing a living species in its natural state, Newell goes further and gives her animal subjects props or places them in humorous situations.

However, there are times when Newell lets the animals’ majesty stand alone, without characterization or humor. As in her gorgeous elephant shot (ABOVE), the enormous power and presence of the animal is all that’s needed. Seemingly staring right at us, the elephant is calm, yet in control of the turf. Again, Newell is able to tell a story with a single shot.
Her talent and passion is inspiring and makes us proud to call her a Graphis Master!

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2 thoughts on “Graphis Master: Lennette Newell’s Photography Uniquely Characterizes the Animal Kingdom

  1. The picture looks so majestic. It looks as if the elephant is best friends with the photographer and was posing for the picture willingly. I would love to see more of her work. Thanks a lot!

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