Design: New Entries and Winning Work from New York Puts the Client First

What makes these New York designs stand out are fine details and attention to their client’s history.

Gold award-winning work, Afriqua ‘Vice/Principle EP’ (ABOVE), by Design Firm Thorbjørn Gudnason took into consideration both the needs of the musical artist and the record label. With this album cover, attention was given to the musical style of Afriqua (AKA Adam Longman Parker), which the firm described to us as “an equilibrium between youthful inventiveness and a mature artistic philosophy.” By creating a modern homage to Blue Note’s record covers, Thorbjørn Gudnason was able to reference the band’s dichotomy. They also took into consideration the existing R&S Records sleeve design, which they hoped to blend with their own design.


Japanese SAKE MIYOSHI WINTER (ABOVE), Atsushi Ishiguro’s recent submission to the Design Annual 2020 competition, was also in tune with his client’s background. With his design firm, OUWN, they made use of the fact that the number three was significant in their project. They explained, “The number 3 bears its importance in sake brewing through the 3 ingredients of koji (starter mold), rice and water, as well as through the 3 groups of sellers, buyers, and the world at large – all of whom are indispensable for sake brewing. It has been represented by transforming the Chinese character “三” (3) into a horizontal alignment of 3 number 1’s. This number 1 represents the care and attention given to each and every aspect of sake brewing, and also visually expresses drops dripping from the logo.” With this much care and attention to detail, coupled with the elegant design for the sake bottle, this branding is sure to bring success to their client.
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