Nudes: New Entries from Graphis Masters Howard Schatz and Phil Marco

The Nudes 5 Competition has already been a platform for some of the most inventive images.

The photography found in the Nudes 5 Competition can certainly be seen as fine art. By placing the human form at the heart of the images, there is ample opportunity for expression, beauty and grace. Some of our recent entries were submitted by Graphis Masters like Howard Schatz. His image “Dance” (ABOVE) creates an gravity defying black and white image of a dancer in mid-air. The grace and supple limbs of the dancer are paralleled with the grace with which Schatz conceptualized the image.
Another Graphis Master, Phil Marco, submitted, “Oceania” (ABOVE), which subtly depicts a woman as a mermaid near the sea. The dark mood of the image coupled with the woman’s calm glance toward the waves creates a wonderful juxtaposition. It is this sort of inventive, creative imagery that makes Nudes 5 so special.

Add your work to this unique collection! Submit to the Nudes 5 Competition by TODAY, March 12, 2019! Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

Author: Graphis

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