Packaging: Gold-Winning Designs by Sandstrom Partners (Portland, OR) & Concrete (Ontario, CA) with Arresting Work Again!

The Packaging 10 competition is now open for submissions!

Packaging design often makes the difference in how a product is perceived and ultimately, how well it does in the market. As we open the Packaging 10 competition, we look back at some of our Gold-winning bottle designs and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.
Two wonderful bottle designs by Sandstrom Partners won Gold awards in Design Annual 2019. HUE-HUE Coffee Rum (ABOVE, LEFT) and Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon (ABOVE, RIGHT) are bold, distinctive designs by Trevor Thrap for their client Eastside Distilling. They gave the already interesting product a specific esthetic that the client’s consumers would certainly appreciate. 


Another Gold-winning design is Capo Capo Aperitivo (ABOVE) by design firm Concrete. When telling us about their process they said, “The challenge was to marry the romance of fine Italian artisanal spirits with contemporary cocktail culture. Concrete drew inspiration from the practical typography of Italian club flyers and ephemera of the region. This aligned with the distribution strategy to win over an international class of mixologists before seeking mass distribution.”
We’re excited to see new entries come in for Packaging 10!

Submit to the Packaging 10 competition by June 25, 2019. Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

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