Advertising: Platinum & Gold Winners by Angry Dog Agency (Brazil) & McCann Milan (Argentina)

These wonderful ads for the beverage and promotions categories are simple, yet powerful campaigns.

Looking back at some of our award-winners from Advertising Annual 2019, it is clear that sometimes simplicity is key for certain campaigns. A great example of this is Platinum-winner Bottle Cap Flag (ABOVE) by Angry Dog Agency in Brazil. Under Art Director, Rafael Fernandes, it was created for their client Nippon Bebidas, a Brazilian importer of Japanese beverages. The red bottle cap on a field of white is understood immediately as the Japanese flag, a simple yet reverent statement for their client.
Next is Silver-winner, “Details” (ABOVE) by McCann Milan, submitted from Argentina. Their client MSC Cruises gained an elegant and calming ad, where the tagline reads, “Details are never small.” With a perfect chocolate covered strawberry floating down the sea like a cruise-liner, we easily understand the message that MSC takes pride in all aspects of their cruises – big and small.

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Author: Graphis

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