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Amil Gargano and Carl Ally started an advertising agency in 1962. Their only account then was Volvo. Ally & Gargano introduced the Swedish-made Volvo with a line that would become legendary in automotive advertising: “Drive it like you hate it.” The iconic campaign features the Volvo being pushed to its limits, convincing America that the car could perform well under pressure, reliably and indefinitely.

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In 2012, Google sought out to re-create four iconic advertisements for Project Re:Brief, an experiment aimed at using Google Technology to update iconic print advertisements for the digital age. One of the campaigns chosen for the project was Ally & Gargano’s “Drive it like you hate it” ad. For the update, Google recruited Irv Gordon to engage a larger target audience for Volvo.

The project concept focuses on Irv Gordon, who holds the world record for driving his 1966 Volvo P1800 for 2.9 million miles. Project Re:Brief tells Irv Gordons story with Google+ and Google Maps. Viewers are able to track Irv’s destinations as he hits his goal of 3 million miles. In real-time, Volvo enthusiasts and potential consumers are able to keep tabs on Irv Gordon’s adventures in targeted advertisements that connect digital viewers to a GPS-enabled feed of the world’s most reliable Volvo.

Project Re: Brief features Amil Gargano in its feature length film, which can be found here.

Author: Arthur Huang

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