Taku Satoh’s Poster Design

Pleats Please
Taku Satoh’s poster designs for Issey Miyake’s clothing line, labeled Pleats Please

When instructed to “freely express the atmosphere” of the colorful Pleats Please Issey Miyake clothing line, Taku Satoh confessed in Graphis Poster Annual 2010 that only one word came to his mind: sushi. And so the designer transformed the symbolic dish of Japanese cuisine into a series of exceptional posters that combine a fashion designer’s sensibility with Satoh’s refined touch. Here is an excerpt of the platinum winner’s Graphis interview:

What satisfies you most in your work?

“I am never satisfied. I am always questioning my own work. That is because all of my previous works are works of the past to me now. I feel that if a creator is satisfied in their past work, he or she is doomed. oracle cloud . Designs change with the activity of the human race. Therefore, with the world in such an unstable state, it is unnatural and dangerous to feel so secure and satisfied. I feel that it is healthy to feel insecure, and what we need is to change those feelings into our motivations.”

To see and read more about Satoh’s work, please click here.  

Pleats Please

Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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    The Pleatsplease posters are beautiful! Do you know where I can buy them/ the files to print? I’m thinking of hanging them at home.

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