Tazo Tea Inspired by Sandstrom Partners

Tazo Tea

A few years ago, two men walked into the Sandstrom Partners offices on a mission to build a new premium tea brand from the ground up. In the pages of Graphis Branding 5, Steve Sandstrom recalls how he came to design, and ultimately inspire the Tazo Tea founders to go back and improve their product. How many times does this happen in our industry? Starbucks eventually purchased their creation in 1999. Opening the first Tazo-branded teashop in November 2012, Starbucks now sells Tazo Tea in more than 7,500 stores internationally.

“The new Starbucks version of Tazo is on the shelves today. It is stripped clean of the personality and edge that created fans of consumers.”
—Steve Sandstrom, Creative Director & Partner, Sandstrom Partners

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Tazo Tea

Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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