Wolfgang Puck Redesigned

Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck’s products featuring their new brand identity

Not too long ago, Wolfgang Puck approached Landor Associates with the following directive: create a cohesive brand identity applicable to a variety of his enterprises. In Graphis Branding 5, Executive Creative Director Nicolas Aparico and Executive Director Deborah Chae-Crudo give their take on how they transformed the Puck brand. Here is an excerpt of the Graphis interview:

What problem were you asked to solve?

“Mired in more than a decade of unmanaged license and franchise proliferation, Wolfgang Puck, master chef of the 1980s, wanted to create a legacy he was proud of. He hired Landor to help define the Wolfgang Puck brand strategy, identity, and executional platforms for the brand to live on well after he plans to retire. free domains satellite maps Additionally, Landor was tasked with helping the brand build consistency across product categories. Landor’s work allowed Wolfgang Puck to examine the consumer holistically as a brand consumer, rather than a single-category consumer, and leveraged cross-category offerings to maximize brand impact and, potentially, revenues.”

To read more about the Wolfgang Puck project, click here.

Wolfgang Puck

Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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