How KMS TEAM Rebranded Themselves


Rebranding one’s own design firm seems like an easy task. After all, who knows your company better than you? However, this kind of proximity can make objectivity nearly impossible, KMS Team founder Knut Maierhofer said in Graphis Brand 5. The design plan’s goals were twofold: first, put KMS TEAM in the public eye in an assertive, concise manner; and second, maintain neutrality with respect to their clients corporate designs. Their final solution is remarkable. Here is an excerpt of the Graphis interview:

How did you approach the project?

“Our general approach (not only for this project) is called Tiefendesign (i.e., depth design), which is a holistic design method we have developed. Its core thesis is that you have to treat brand like a personality. You have to look for the individual traits of the brand’s personality and you have to understand the underlying (often hidden) structures in order to develop adequate expressions. For this purpose, you cannot separate rationality from emotionality. That’s why we always regard the entity we are working for as an undivisible whole. check links . An enterprise always has to be able to tell a convincing story that is recognizable in the different utterances of the brand. Our story begins with the core of creativity, the idea. same sites . In its origin, it is an abstract term, and that’s why we have chosen the beams or bars. They represent the ideas level, which is superposed to the reality.”

To see and read more about the KMS TEAM rebranding, please click here.



Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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