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Spell it Out: Poster 2023 Silver-Winning Works

This week’s Silver winners for our 2023 poster competition all use typography as a major component of…

The Art of Promotion: 2021 Advertising Annual Winners

For advertisers, it’s their job to create campaigns that persuade the public to buy something, travel somewhere,…

New Photography Entry from Michael Pantuso, and The Nature’s Bounty Company Wins Silver!

Graphis Master Michael Pantuso, a Platinum winner, has submitted his above photograph of his daughter Viola. Entitled,…

See Iconic TV and Film Posters From Award-Winning Agency Cold Open in Graphis Journal #360!

If you’re a fan of movies and tv, odds are you have come across a key image…

Photo: Gold Award Winning Work by Graphis Master Christopher Wilson and Silver work by Joe Mazza

As we patiently await the arrival of the Photography Annual 2019 books (as they are available for…

Photo: Gold Work by Christopher Wilson and Silver Work by James Exley in Photography Annual 2019

Photography Annual 2019 brought forth a myriad of inspiring images, by Graphis Masters and newcomers alike. One…

New Talent: Winning Work by Art Center College of Design Professors B. Bartlett & A. Huang Luck

Art Center College of Design students were tasked with creating editorial pieces and the results were fantastic.

New Talent: Winners in Photography Category from Professors H. Richardson & L. Green

The New Talent Annual 2019 competition had many exciting photography entries to zoom in on, including winning…

Advertising: Platinum & Gold Winners by Angry Dog Agency (Brazil) & McCann Milan (Argentina)

These wonderful ads for the beverage and promotions categories are simple, yet powerful campaigns.

Advertising: Winning Work by Zulu Alpha Kilo, ARSONAL & PPK, USA

Some of the best agencies won awards in The Advertising Annual 2019 Competition 

Design: California Designers Usher in a Groovy Style

The West Coast continues to prove that it knows cool and isn’t afraid to flaunt it

Design: These Oceania Designers Are in a Class of Their Own

Australian and New Zealand Designers elevate their craft to new heights of excellence