Lippincott Steals the Show with Nokia’s MWC Exhibit

By: Patti Judd, Chief Visionary Officer, Graphis

Lippincott’s task was to encapsulate Nokia’s rejuvenated identity and dedication to innovation in a physical space that could vividly convey these values to the multitude of MWC attendees. The firm embraced this challenge, reimagining Nokia’s logo as more than a symbol. It evolved into an experience—a sequence of three-dimensional monolithic structures adorned with dynamic visuals and sequences of light and color. This concept transformed the brand’s iconic logo into a journey, inviting visitors to enter through an immersive tunnel crafted within the ‘O’—a gateway to the new era of Nokia.

Inside the exhibit, Lippincott’s expertise shone through in the detailed curation of over 35 demonstration stands. Each stand was meticulously designed to reflect the strengths and focuses of Nokia’s four business units while maintaining a unified theme around Nokia’s purpose: “Creating technology that helps the world act together.” This was not just an exhibition space but a narrative environment where each element collaborated to tell the story of Nokia’s technological leadership and collaborative spirit.

The spatial design by Lippincott included various functional areas, such as an executive lounge, a media lounge, and extensive meeting spaces, all laid out to facilitate interaction and engagement. The firm’s approach to the exhibit layout ensured that every attendee, whether a high-level executive or a tech enthusiast, found a tailored experience that resonated personally and professionally.

This masterful blend of creative design and strategic exhibition planning culminated in being honored in the Graphis Design Awards 2024. Forbes praised the exhibit as “the most flash-worthy news at Mobile World Congress.”

Through their work with Nokia, Lippincott demonstrated that the power of creative design lies in its ability to transform spaces into stories and brands into experiences.

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Author: Graphis