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Photo: Gold Work by Christopher Wilson and Silver Work by James Exley in Photography Annual 2019

Photography Annual 2019 brought forth a myriad of inspiring images, by Graphis Masters and newcomers alike. One…

New Talent: Winning Work by Art Center College of Design Professors B. Bartlett & A. Huang Luck

Art Center College of Design students were tasked with creating editorial pieces and the results were fantastic.

New Talent: Winners in Photography Category from Professors H. Richardson & L. Green

The New Talent Annual 2019 competition had many exciting photography entries to zoom in on, including winning…

Advertising: Platinum & Gold Winners by Angry Dog Agency (Brazil) & McCann Milan (Argentina)

These wonderful ads for the beverage and promotions categories are simple, yet powerful campaigns.

Advertising: Winning Work by Zulu Alpha Kilo, ARSONAL & PPK, USA

Some of the best agencies won awards in The Advertising Annual 2019 Competition 

Design: California Designers Usher in a Groovy Style

The West Coast continues to prove that it knows cool and isn’t afraid to flaunt it

Design: These Oceania Designers Are in a Class of Their Own

Australian and New Zealand Designers elevate their craft to new heights of excellence

New Talent: Art Center College of Design Pumps Out Modernist Works

The Art Center College of Design continuously works to promote the very best in design, branding, and…

Design: Award-Winning New York Designers Capture a Cultural Adage Like Few Others

These editorial spreads are a mesmerizing testament to modern design

New Talent: South Korean Students Up the Ante With These Eye-Popping Works

It seems South Korea is creating a bevy of talented individuals, ones who are poised to break…

Photography: These Canadian Photographers Will Leave Your Jaw on the Floor

Joseph Saraceno and Jim Norton of Canada use wildlife and still photography to push the boundaries of…

Photography: These British Photographers Present Award-Winning Imaginative Work

Tim Flach, Jonathan Knowles, and Andy Glass submit some of the best photography out of the United…