Teiga, Studio’s Campaign Shines Bright

Imagine lighting that breathes life into every space it touches—this is the essence of the campaign crafted by Teiga, Studio from the heart of Spain, for their client, “A Emotional Light” (above, left, and above, right). Under the sharp eye of creative director Xosé Teiga, this campaign transforms light into a sensory experience, creating a compelling series that tells a story, organic designs that mirror nature, and a strategy that spans print and social. Each ad is crafted to bask in the glow of “Lighting Life.” Now, let’s flip the switch and look at how this remarkable project came to life.

By: Xosé Teiga, Creative Director, Teiga, Studio


A Emotional Light is a brand resulting from evolution, innovation, and experimentation. It transforms unique and innovative materials into handmade lamps. This, combined with over 25 years of craftsmen’s expertise in lighting, makes their lamps truly exclusive and available in more than 80 countries.

“Lighting Life” Concept

“Lighting Life” is a philosophy of illuminating spaces, moments, and people. It is emotional energy and life, and lamps are the catalysts. Lighting life results from the interaction between what illuminates and what is illuminated, a way of understanding light.

What is lighting life? Lighting life is the set of values that define it. It is a part of the work culture, beliefs, vision of life, and commitment to people and the planet. It is working with your hands. The organic forms of its designs are inspired by nature and the atmosphere that its light reflects in space. It is all the people who make light move others.


The campaign was focused on the international market to be disseminated in different media, both analog and digital. The main pieces are graphics used in print media and protagonists of campaigns developed on Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, and digital periodicals. The strategy’s primary purpose was to capture attention and generate visits to the brand’s website. At the same time, an email marketing campaign was launched to an extensive database of potential customers and clients of the company. It was disseminated mainly in the USA and Europe, where it was very successful and generated a lot of contacts and interest in the brand’s product.

Photo Concept

Some photos were designed for different communication supports to express the lighting life philosophy. Based on the art world, other sets were created representing sculptures and installations that composed images that integrated the brand’s lamps and generated the interaction between what illuminates and what is illuminated. The goal was to use art as scenography and as a reason to be illuminated, representing the brand’s philosophy: Lighting Life. 

The art direction in photography was intended to represent the interaction generated between the lamp and the surrounding space. The aim was to “bring life” to these images. For this, we took as artistic reference the four elements of life: earth, water, fire, and air, representing them in an abstract way. We built for the brand a microcosm where lights, matter, and space interact in unexpected ways.

A multidisciplinary team comprised of María Toucedo Cal, Laura Santos Esmorís, Fernando Maselli, and Xosé Teiga developed the whole campaign concept and execution.  All in the same boat, they achieved a result exceeding the client’s expectations. María Toucedo Cal and Xosé Teiga created the creative idea and art direction of the entire campaign, supported by the internationally renowned photographer Fernando Maselli, who, together with Laura Santos as assistant and producer, managed to capture the campaign’s ideas to perfection. Laura Santos also developed the community manager work and all the campaign videos.

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Author: Graphis