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Two Cabins Elevate Chilean Cliffside Architecture

Nestled atop the cliffs of Matanzas Beach in Chile, the MarAlto La Loica and La Tagua cabins,…

Advertising: Platinum & Gold Winners by Angry Dog Agency (Brazil) & McCann Milan (Argentina)

These wonderful ads for the beverage and promotions categories are simple, yet powerful campaigns.

Poster: Marcos Minini, Rafael Fernandes & Thiago Lacaz Represent Brazil’s Strong Poster Designs

This week’s featured posters come from some of Brazil’s best designers

Type: Fermin Guerrero, Marcos Minini & more from South America

The typeface design above (left) was entered to our current Typeface Design competition by Fermin Guerrero of Typotheque…

Poster Annual 2017 CFE Submission: South America

     Two submissions from South America for this year’s 2017 Poster Annual are from Graphis Platinum…