Two Cabins Elevate Chilean Cliffside Architecture

Nestled atop the cliffs of Matanzas Beach in Chile, the MarAlto La Loica and La Tagua cabins, envisioned by Croxatto y Opazo Arquitectos, challenge the boundaries between nature and architectural design. Their cubist design, complemented by extensive use of wood and expansive windows, captures a seamless blend of Scandinavian minimalism and South American authenticity, offering a unique retreat for those seeking solace amidst nature’s embrace.

Atop the cliffs of Matanzas Beach in Chile are two stark, sparse structures. From a distance, they resemble the Easter Island heads located just under 2,300 miles across the ocean that these structures face. Eventually, as a person draws near, they are revealed to be slender cabins. They may not be ancient monuments, but they are full of personality.

The La Loica and La Tagua cabins have a Scandinavian quality to their design, with their earthy, spare, and minimalist aesthetic. And yet they also look absolutely suited to the South American coast they inhabit. It makes perfect sense for these cabins to be a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Santiago, Chile, but it would also make sense if they were the same distance from Stockholm, Sweden.

Often, a small space that is used for brief periods of time is referred to as a “bolt hole.” Technically, these cabins match that definition. But in practice, the term just doesn’t fit with La Loica and La Tagua. Their bright windows, snug features, and rustic aesthetics combine to give the place an ambiance that feels like a real home, however brief a time anyone spends there.

Picking a preference between the two cabins is difficult. They are both incredibly similar in design. The La Tagua cabin is slightly larger and has an extra seating area on its second floor, but the La Loica cabin has an additional breakfast bar next to the kitchen. With such minor distinctions, price is really the only true way to choose a superior option. In that sense, the La Tagua cabin must be the better option, as it boasts not just a double bed but also a sofa bed while being a whole $4 a night cheaper than the La Loica cabin, which has a single queen bed.

Naturally, wood cabins quite literally at the foot of the beach appeal to a certain kind of individual. Those with a passion for watersports and who love spending time appreciating the beauty of natural landscapes are best suited for the La Loica and La Tagua cabins. Individuals such as this are sure to appreciate these outstanding budget offerings.

Felipe Croxatto Viviani and Nicolas Opazo Marchetti founded Croxatto y Opazo Arquitectos in 2010, intending to create buildings that respect their environments while providing innovative ambiance. This firm also has an ethos of continually providing novel solutions from concept to completion. Their buildings often feature a cubist design that emphasizes the use of wood in a manner that suits the surrounding environment. Another essential element of their designs is using large windows, which give the impression of nature and domestic life intertwining.

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