Hajime Tsushima’s “Seigaiha” Waves and Messages of Peace

Harnessing Japanese tradition with a touch of modernity, Hajime Tsushima from Tsushima Design unveils a poster art series that speaks volumes about global unity and peace. Earning notable gold distinctions, Hajime’s designs, commissioned by the Tolerance Poster Show and the Peace-loving Innovators of Nations, are visually compelling and carry a global message. Learn more about Tsuishima’s work that effortlessly interweaves cultural roots throughout and where each piece of art is a message for pressing social and political dialogue.

By: Hajime Tsushima


I received a commission from Mirko Ilic to create a poster for the Tolerance Show. The theme of this show was, as the title suggests, “tolerance.” One of the guidelines said the final design was required to include my native language, so I incorporated “kokoro=tolerance” in hiragana, which means “heart” in Japanese. 

The background wave design is based on a traditional Japanese pattern called “seigaiha,” or “blue ocean waves,” which I reimagined in an original, contemporary style. Overall, the poster was created with the concept that “the hearts of people should be forever happy” and to have the meaning of “tolerance” also embedded within it.


These three posters strongly convey a message of peace. With wars constantly occurring around the world, it is the civilians who are always in tears. Expressing the suffering and wishes of the citizens prompts us to contemplate the reality of war. The pattern of the blast in the background symbolically represents the destructive power of war. The messages “no war,” “no bomb,” and “cry for peace” succinctly express a heartfelt desire for peace.

I believe these posters play an important role in prompting people to consider the reality and impact of war, and in raising awareness for the pursuit of peace.

Hajime Tsushima is the founder and art director of Tsushima Design and teaches graphic design as an associate professor at Osaka University of the Arts. He has won more than 100 awards in Japan and overseas and has won more than 36 highest prizes, including the Grand Prix and Graphis Platinum and Gold Awards. He has been an international judge in many international competitions. In recent years, he has been participating as an invitation designer in many international poster exhibitions.

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Author: Graphis