Poster Annual 2017 CFE Submission: South America

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Two submissions from South America for this year’s 2017 Poster Annual are from Graphis Platinum award-winning Brazilian designer Marcos Minini and Ecuadorian designer Mario Fuentes. Minini  created his poster (left) for Grupo Delírio Cia. de Teatro and Fuentes made his poster (right) for Poster for Tomorrow.

Other submitters from South America with award-winning work in Graphis include Uma Creativa // koeningLuiza Campanelli Marçal Vieira, Laura Álvares Eggers,  Luciana Cabral, Eduardo Heideke, Paula Vieira and Bruna FragaSee below.

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Here are some other posters that Marcos Minini submitted to the current competition. He created the left poster, titled “Design for All?”, for Bienal Brasileira de Design 2015 Floripa. He designed the poster (right) for his client, Grupo Delírio Cia. de Teatro.

Design Firm: uma creativa // koenig | Client: Ministerio de Turismo del Ecuador | Ecuador

A Platinum award-winner in the 2016 Advertising Annual, uma creativa// koenig designed “All You Need is Ecuador” (above) for Ministerio de Turismo del Ecuador.

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Author: Graphis