Graphis Master: Photographer RJ Muna Offers a Multitude of Breathtaking Shots

RJ Muna has an extensive career spanning about two decades of work as a photographer. Hundreds of awards and several galleries displaying his fine art work might speak to his professional success, but looking at his creative shots tells the whole story.

Graphis Photography Master RJ Muna’s love of photography is evident as you move through his large body of work. With various subjects and modes of shooting (going digital in the mid-nineties and making use of high-resolution retouching), his work promises to take you on a new journey with every shot.

One shot in particular stands out as a balance of photography and fine art. As seen ABOVERJ Muna creates a striking frame of twisted branches, seemingly engulfing an elegant woman in red. With a blanket of snow juxtaposing the emotion-filled woman’s bare arms, the image acts as a springboard for the imagination, leading the viewer to ponder over the subject matter. It is this sort of beautiful visual storytelling that sets great photographers apart. We are proud to call RJ Muna a Graphis Master!

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