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Call for Freelance Writing Submissions!

We’re excited to announce that we’re opening up our blog to freelance writing and photo journalism submissions!

Photo: New Entries Play With Perspective Lines to Showcase Products

Symmetry and perspective allow the eye to continuously discover elements with ease

New Talent: SVA Students Design to Preserve the Beauty of Print

The School of Visual Arts continues to encourage both innovation and preservation in design.

Graphis Master: Massimo Vignelli Creates Timeless Designs That Are Truly the Work of a Genius

Massimo Vignelli is perhaps one of the most accomplished designers and visual artists that has ever lived

Graphis Master: JUCO Photography Plays With Mesmerizing Color

JUCO pushes the envelope of photography to new heights of incredulity

Graphis Master: Photographer Phil Bekker Knows How to Push His Students to Their Best

The Art Institute of Atlanta professor works tirelessly to ensure that the new crop of students match…

New Talent: Portfolio Center Doles Out Gold Award-Winning Students

Portfolio Center has done an excellent job of fostering award-winning work

Photography: These British Photographers Present Award-Winning Imaginative Work

Tim Flach, Jonathan Knowles, and Andy Glass submit some of the best photography out of the United…

Nudes: Klaus Kampert (GR), Phil Marco and Peter Ogilvie (US) Use Human Contours for Inspiration

These photographers use the human body as a source of inspiration.

Photography: California-based Photographers Patrick Curtet and Lennette Newell Bring Nature and Desert Together in a Stunning Fashion

These Californian photographers look east into the long forgotten desert for their inspiration

New Talent: Syracuse University Modernizes Nationally Recognized Brands

Syracuse University propagates excellence in corporate culture with their tantalizing student work

Graphis Master: Brian Collins is Reshaping Branding in the 21st Century

Graphis is proud to present visionary designer Brian Collins in this week’s Graphis Master spotlight