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Graphis Master: High Fashion Photographer Tatijana Shoan Is a Revelation

The Croatian-born photographer and editor-in-chief of AS IF Magazine is this week’s Graphis Master

Nudes: Craig Colvin and Joseph E. Reid (US) and Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich (Brazil) Play with Expectations

Craig Colvin, Joseph E. Reid and Ricardo de Vicq Cumptich revel in the form of the human…

Nudes: New Entries from Vietnam’s Hậu Lê, Germany’s Astrid Susanna Schulz, and US’ Saritdikhun Somasa

Graphis proudly presents the tantalizing works of Hậu Lê, Astrid Susanna Schulz, and Saritdikhun Somasa in this week’s Nudes…


Photography: Projects from USA’s Jeff Ludes and Michael Mayo

Graphis is honored to present Los Angeles-based Jeff Ludes and Michael Mayo of Dallas, TX as the…

New Talents

New Talent: Meet Syracuse University’s Best and Brightest from NY

Syracuse University paves the way for newcomer designers to showcase their best work in advertising, photography, and…


Nudes: Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich of Brazil & more international entries

Ramon Vaquero, Howard Rosenberg, and Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich are the focus of this week’s nude…


Photography: The UK’s Tim Flach and Tara Moore Muse on the Contemporary

The United Kingdom presents excellent work from Tim Flach and Tara Moore.


Nudes: New Entries from Marc Safran, Hậu Lê, and Klaus Klampert Display Their Sensually Humanist Side

Nudes from Marc Safran, Hậu Lê, and Klaus Klampert are the focus of Graphis’ weekly nude feature.


Graphis Master: Bill Diodato

Graphis honors bonafide photography doyen Bill Diodato in this week’s Graphis Master selection.

New Jersey

Photography: NJ-based Tatsuro Nishimura & Steve Greer Envision Alternate Perspectives

New Jersey showcases some of the very best in photography with works from Tatsuro Nishimura and Steve…

New Graphis Photography Master: Torkil Gudnason

Presented here are a few extraordinary photographs from our latest Graphis Photography Master, Torkil Gudnason a New York City-based…

The Copyright Conundrum

Henry Leutwyler shot the cover photograph of the late James Gandolfini’s Cadillac (above left) for The New…