Graphis Master: Nick Knight Shares the Performance in His Process

Nick Knight’s Q&A in Issue 357 of the Graphis Journal gave readers a glimpse into why he thinks the photographic process is so intriguing.

Nick Knight started in the industry as a way to meet people and get away from what he considered an unlikely path in medicine, despite his schooling. Soon after enrolling in a photography course in college, Knight realized that ultimately, the art form is “a passport into other people’s lives.” Today, Knight’s dream to find his truest calling has come to fruition and his success has led to collaborations with some of the biggest celebrities, fashion designers, and magazines.
Ultimately, Nick Knight sees the photographic process as a performance that the audience never has the privilege of seeing. Take “Dolls” (ABOVE, LEFT) for example. There is both the magic of the momentary exchange before the photographer snaps the shot, and the aftermath of painting and editing the image for its final incarnation.
It is clear from his work with “Seven Deadly Sins” (with model Mariacarla Boscono) that studio time can offer a whirlwind of spontaneous creation, improvisation and artistry; the final print could not possibility reveal how it came to be. That is why he founded, where the “behind-the-scenes” moments serve as both inspiration and an art form in and of itself. We’re proud to showcase both his process and prints as a Graphis Master!

Be sure to submit your work to Graphis’ Annual Photography Competition before time runs out! The deadline is December 18, 2018. Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms.

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