Photo: Intimate Portraits by Gold-Winner Jurek Wajdowicz and New Entrant Michael Schoenfeld

Portrait photography goes beyond a face in a frame. It reveals a glimpse into a character’s personal experience, history, or emotional state.

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but perhaps without the lenses of great photographers, those souls would remain unseen by many. An example of such portraiture can be seen in Gold-winner Jurek Wajdowicz’s photography book, “Pride & Joy: Taking the Streets of New York City” (ABOVE). The expressive face of a man with mime-like makeup and bright peacock feathers brings us into the colorful world of the NYC LGBTQ movement. While his expression is perhaps meant to replicate that of a mime, there is also an element of determination in his eyes that is indicative of the ongoing fight for equality.

In contrast, the expression of a man featured in the series “EyeCorps Boston Work in Moshi Tanzania” (ABOVE) is rather defeated as he sits in a pile of worn out shoes. This new entry by Michael Schoenfeld begs for an empathetic observation of the odd scene laid out before us. The shoes seem to create a sort of movement, or perhaps chaos, around the still, weathered man. The image prompts us to ask questions about the state of Tanzania and the way in which it has affected the character in the photo.

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