Protest Poster: New Entries Take On The Murky Waters of Today’s Hot Button Issues

New entries in our Protest Poster 2 Competition set a powerful tone 

There are a myriad of issues to be tackled today. Protest Posters take on these issues one by one, and with new entries coming in for our Protest Poster 2 competition, it seems that a lot of ground is being covered. A recent submission by Jordanian Design Firm Wesam Mazhar Haddad entitled “Rusted Tears” (ABOVE, LEFT) explores how water is wasted every day. Often, faucets are left open and rainwater is left undrained. The image suggests that if we waste too much water, we will only be left with our tears. The poster was requested by The Museum of Cultural Heritage for their “Water Crisis” exhibition in 2015.
“Bon Appetit,” (ABOVE, RIGHT) on the other hand, speaks for the creatures who live in our natural sources of water. The poster by Design Firm Scott Laserow Posters reads, “2/3 of the world’s fish suffer from plastic ingestion.” Here we see a dramatic black and white image of a fish whose body is made up of plastic bags and other plastic rubbish. The effect is quite moving and describes how humans effect ecosystems with unnecessary littering.


IF Studio also took on a H2O-related issue. With “Anti Hydraulic Fracking Poster” (ABOVE, LEFT), we see a powerful image directing the eye to text that explains hydraulic fracking. IF Studio explained the design as, “An old-fashioned water gun pointed down with a drill [that] suggests naïve child’s play with potentially dangerous tools. The word “Water War” that sits at the base of the drill labels not only highlights the local conflicts that fracking creates, but also the potential wars that could occur when endangering the national fresh drinking water supply.”
Lastly, in a recent submission by Turkish Design Firm begum gucuk entitled, “terrorism” (ABOVE), a clear cut message is delivered: terrorism destroys the possibility for peace. Furthermore, the hand holding up a peace sign can also reflect those who speak up against injustice and the risks they may take for taking on such a role. These protest posters may also take on that role, but through the lens of emotional art and design, partisanship tends to slip away.
Submissions for Graphis’ Protest Posters 2 Competition run until April 7, 2020. Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!
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