Photo: New Entries Play With Perspective Lines to Showcase Products

Symmetry and perspective allow the eye to continuously discover elements with ease

Design trends can offer both opportunity and frustration for artists. Those who can maintain their own unique voice within the confines of a trend are able to break through the typical images we see on Instagram and Pinterest. With the merging of product placement and personal photography on social media, we often see neat configurations of flowers, food items and pieces of clothing that represent a lifestyle or mood that is being conveyed. While some of Canadian photographer Joseph Saraceno’s still life photography might be reminiscent of this trend with his geometric arrangement of products, like in Fresh Perspective (ABOVE, LEFT), his work is far more complex and truly stands apart as valuable pieces of art. Saraceno’s use of line and symmetry, as in his personal project Stationary Studio (ABOVE, RIGHT), cannot be lumped into the shots we see as scroll through typical above-the-product shots on our smartphones.
Going against the grain, American photographer Stan Musilek created his still life with a bottom-up perspective in Musilek 0017, featuring a concept guitar that leads our eye far beyond the frets. The beauty of its chrome and matte blue body take the lead before our imagination begins to question the guitar’s existence and functionality.
The Still Life category of the Graphis Annual Photography Competition is growing every day and we’re excited to see how artists are pushing boundaries and challenging expectations.

Be sure to submit your work to Graphis’ Annual Photography Competition before time runs out! The deadline is December 18, 2018. Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms.

Author: Graphis