Graphis Master: Christopher Wilson’s Captivating Photography

Graphis Photography Master Christopher Wilson took a leap into photography and brought a wealth of knowledge with him

When Christopher Wilson decided to transition from the advertising world to a position behind the camera, the world gained one of the most sensitive and skillful photographers. With pieces spanning from intimate portraits to commercial campaigns, Wilson’s work captures breathtaking scenes that stay with you, long after you look away. Perhaps the combination of attention to detail and visual storytelling are the result of his early career as a ballet dancer (where attention to detail is vital) and as a writer/Art Director with clients at top luxury brands.

Wilson’s work has the ability to ignite wonder with his shots, with a perfect example being “The Little (Maasai) Prince & The Baobab” (ABOVE). He described this personal project for us: “I recently had the opportunity to go to Tanzania and photograph these magnificent, sacred forces of nature. It was a dream come true, and an experience I will never, ever forget. In this image, a small Maasai shepherd stands beside the baobab – my Tanzanian ode to The Little Prince.” His intended outcome was successful. Elements like the photo’s scale and lighting certainly highlight the majesty of his subject.

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