Design: Commemorative Stamps to Commemorate a New Year

Stamp designs offer a unique challenge in that they require easily understood visual images within a limited amount of space

Given the digital age we live in, many people don’t send letters in the mail on a regular basis. Yet, after seeing these stamp designs from the Design Annual 2019 competition, inspiration to write an old pen pal may emerge. The United Nations Postal Administration commissioned Design Firm Shenzhen Tigerpan Pacakging Design Co. Ltd. to create a Commemorative Animal Postal Stamp (ABOVE) for 2018, the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. With the images of red and yellow dogs interlocking with no space between, the design was meant to signify harmony and strong cooperation among cultures.  

Another wonderful example is Derry Noyes Graphics’ stamp book featuring images of Sharks (ABOVE). With various species featured and a cohesive color scheme, the stamps were well received. We were informed that after only six months, nearly 70% of the 40 million stamps produced were sold. Whether they were utilized for the mail or were given safe spots in stamp collections, the future of stamp design is bright.
Here’s to a New Year of great design, artistry and innovation!

Submit to the Design Annual 2020 competition by March 13, 2018. Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

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