New Talent: 2019 Platinum Winners In Advertising Take on Major Brands

These New Talent Annual 2019 Platinum winners created some of the most memorable advertising campaigns 

This year, several students who participated in the New Talent 2019 competition had the opportunity to create mock campaigns for recognizable brands here in the states. Under the direction of Professor Eileen Hedy Schultz, Jae Wook Baik, a student at School of Visual Arts, decided to take on Campbell’s Soup and created an image depicting the river as their famous tomato soup. In “The Campbell Soup” (ABOVE), Baik plays with the the depth of the river and likens it to the soup’s depth of taste. With the presence of the company’s iconic logo, viewers immediately understand and are entertained by what they see.

In “Natural Whiteness” by Miami Ad School student Alana Vitrian, the power of Clorox bleach is clearly depicted. The advertisement humorously suggests that Clorox is so powerful, even a cow’s spots are easily removed. The image gets to the point quickly and reminds consumers why Clorox is a household name.
The ability found in the New Talent Annual competition inspires us each year. However, it is a testament to the professors and schools who continually guide these fresh minds toward success. 

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