Design: Winning Work from Canadian Design Firms Spice Up the Food Industry

These gold-winners bring beautiful design to the food industry in unexpected ways.

Two Gold-winning works from Design Annual 2018 have something in common beyond their country of origin: both designs serve the Canadian and U.S. food industry. First, “Tracy Cox Promos” (ABOVE) by The White Room design firm is a complete rebrand for food photographer Tracy Cox.  It included a new identity, print collateral, and three promotional direct-mail brochures. Cox specializes in photography for grocery retailers and advertising agencies so the promos are called Lunch in Focus, Dinner in Focus and Dessert in Focus. The blurring of the images behind her name aptly tie in this theme.
Another Canadian Gold-winning design firm, Community, created a unique brand for the restaurant Fish House (ABOVE), which is located in the Four Seasons O’Ahu Resort and is known for their gigantic Seafood towers. Their idea for the brand was well thought-out: “The approach was to leverage the traditional aesthetics of local tribes and its specific seafood offerings while taking you through the journey of the fisherman. To create this authentic experience, designed elements all tied back to the cultural and visual aspects of the island.” With clear menus and a cohesive esthetic, the diners’ experience is certainly enhanced.

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