Photo: Graphis Master Craig Cutler Shoots Lakeside While Jeffrey Milstein Takes to the Sky

Great photography allows us to see the world in ways that might otherwise be impossible

The ever-versatile Graphis Master Craig Cutler plays with contrast and perspective in his photo “Lake Como” (ABOVE). The black and white shot stresses the scene’s many shadows and looming clouds. What may have been a peaceful lakeside view is transformed by ominous elements that initiate a narrative at the front of the boat. Film and Video Editor Bernice Gonzalez described Cutler’s talent as an “ability to convert the most simple and mundane objects into art.” This photograph brings us on a journey and raises questions about our final destination.

Jeffrey Milstein shot from an entirely different perspective to create a topographical study of New York and Los Angeles. In LANY (ABOVE), the “architectural plan view” reveals the beauty in geometrical geography. The patterns that emerge show not only the make up of the city, but also the meticulous urban development and planning that was involved. The piece belongs to a series featured in Milstein’s book, LA NY: Aerial Photographs of Los Angeles and New York, which in his words showcases “the varieties and differences between each city in terms of social and architectural styles.”
Both photographers tell the story of a location and give the viewer a unique look at a beautiful slice of the world.

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