Nudes: New Entries from Graphis Master RJ Muna and Photographers Tyler Ashlock & Cíntia Trigo

The Nudes 5 Competition has wonderfully unique and beautiful entries. The deadline to submit is fast approaching!

The Nudes 5 Competition gives photographers who specialize in highlighting the beauty of the human form a chance to present their talents. We’ve already received a number of entries that stand out, like “Rachel” (ABOVE) by Graphis Master RJ Muna. With an intense look in her eye, the model’s hair is tangled with wires, adding to the drama of the shot. 
We also received several stunning black and white entries. One such photo series was “ghosts” (ABOVE, LEFT) by Tyler Ashlock. Multiple exposures created blurred, translucent forms that are present with the main subject, making what looks like ghosts in the image. Additionally, “PL nude in black and white” (ABOVE, RIGHT) by Cíntia Trigo who took on the challenge of nude photography by choosing to capture a model in yoga poses. While the resulting image is quite simple, it shows just how complex and capable the human body really is.

Add your work to this unique collection! Submit to the Nudes 5 Competition by March 12, 2019! Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

Author: Graphis

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