New Talent: Gold and Silver Winning Work from the Advertising Category

These impressive student campaigns in the Advertising category of New Talent 2019 really hit the mark!

In the New Talent 2019 Competition, winning students in the advertising category prove that they are ready to present themselves to potential employers. Gold-winner Tajj Badil-Abish worked with his Art Director Hridaynag Kooretti to create “Anchor Steam” (ABOVE) for The Anchor Brewing Company, which has a long history in the San Francisco beer brewing scene. By transforming the Golden Gate bridge into the shape of a beer bottle, the company’s emphasis on being local is highlighted with charm and wit.
Silver-winning School of Visual Arts students Jens Marklund and Jack Welles worked with Professor Frank Anselmo to create “ALA Lung Lighter” (ABOVE). The lighters remind people of the potentially lethal effects of smoking. The images seem to reflect that the vibrant, healthy color in the lungs disappear into dusty black as you use the lighter more and more. The students and their professors who’ve submitted to New Talent continue to come up with big ideas that could truly impact our society!

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