Advertising: Winning Work by Zulu Alpha Kilo, ARSONAL & PPK, USA

Some of the best agencies won awards in The Advertising Annual 2019 Competition 

As we look forward to the Advertising Annual 2020 competition, it is inspiring to look back on some of our Platinum winners from the 2019 competition. For example, ARSONAL won Platinum for “Animal Kingdom S3” (ABOVE, LEFT). Created for TNT network who requested a campaign that would play off the first two seasons and the “combustible” nature of the show, the agency shared the following approach with us: “We looked for visual cues that would capture the intense energy and danger of the show and could incorporate the previous seasons’ visual themes. We landed on an underwater shot that is ambiguous as to identity and nature but clear in it’s volatility. The colors imply fire without actually showing it.” Another campaign that took their client’s company ethos into account was Platinum-winner “Halloween” (ABOVE, RIGHT) by Graphis Master agency, Zulu Alpha Kilo. They took the various parts of the motorcycle and turned them into a skull for their holiday-themed campaign. 

Last but not least, Graphis Master agency PPK, USA won Silver for their attention grabbing “3-D Eel Billboard” (ABOVE). They wrote, “…we came up with a really ‘big’ idea. We had a humongous 3-dimensional inflatable prop (of an Eel) custom made for the Florida Aquarium. It was a whopping 35′ x 17′. The imposing, highly realistic looking eel definitely stood out in this high traffic, often heavily backed up area. We even played off the traffic congestion by acknowledging that “traffic flows a lot smoother at the Aquarium.” It is this kind of big thinking that makes the Advertising Annuals so exciting!

Be sure to submit to the Advertising Annual 2020 Competition, by June 4, 2019. Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

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