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The Norwegian Artist: Photographer Erik Almas Featured in Journal #369

Known for his restless, driven, and hardworking attitude, Graphis Master Erik Almas is always pushing himself toward…

Nudes: New Entries for Nudes 5 by Graphis Master Stan Musilek of California & Greg Hensel of Alaska

New entries are coming in as we approach our Nudes 5 competition final deadline!

Nudes: New Entries from Graphis Master RJ Muna and Photographers Tyler Ashlock & Cíntia Trigo

The Nudes 5 Competition has wonderfully unique and beautiful entries. The deadline to submit is fast approaching!

Nudes: New Entries by Photographers Christopher Wilson & Howard Rosenberg

These photographers display their creative and tasteful imagery in the Nudes 5 competition.

Nudes: Klaus Kampert (GR), Phil Marco and Peter Ogilvie (US) Use Human Contours for Inspiration

These photographers use the human body as a source of inspiration.

Nudes: Craig Colvin and Joseph E. Reid (US) and Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich (Brazil) Play with Expectations

Craig Colvin, Joseph E. Reid and Ricardo de Vicq Cumptich revel in the form of the human…

Nudes: New Entries from Vietnam’s Hậu Lê, Germany’s Astrid Susanna Schulz, and US’ Saritdikhun Somasa

Graphis proudly presents the tantalizing works of Hậu Lê, Astrid Susanna Schulz, and Saritdikhun Somasa in this week’s Nudes…

Nudes: Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich of Brazil & more international entries

Ramon Vaquero, Howard Rosenberg, and Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich are the focus of this week’s nude…

Nudes: Jonathan Knowles, Emy Kat and Erik Almas Showcase Humanist Wonder in New Works

In this week’s Nude Photography spotlight, Graphis shifts their attention to the United Kingdom’s Jonathan Knowles, France’s Emy Kat,…

Nudes: New Entries from Marc Safran, Hậu Lê, and Klaus Klampert Display Their Sensually Humanist Side

Nudes from Marc Safran, Hậu Lê, and Klaus Klampert are the focus of Graphis’ weekly nude feature.

Photography Annual 2017: Winning Work and New Entry in the Category of Nudes

(Above) Lennette Newell  IN THEIR OWN WORDS:  “The mage explores juxtaposition of color, form, and textures between…

Nudes5: Craig Bromley & more from the USA

The eerie and mysterious photograph above was shot by Craig Bromley of Atlanta, Georgia with a Canon, 50mm as…