Nudes5: Craig Bromley & more from the USA

The eerie and mysterious photograph above was shot by Craig Bromley of Atlanta, Georgia with a Canon, 50mm as a self-initiated project. The classic nude woman on the horses in a rugged landscape gives off vibes of the modern Wild West. This photography perfectly exemplifies one of Bromley’s specialties, “relaxed portraits in tense situations.”


The beautiful photograph of a nude woman against a classic rocky western landscape was shot by Dylan H Brown of Carbondale, Colorado with a D600, Nikon 70-200 f/2.8. His intention was “to bring the beautiful, yet innocent beauty of the female form into the impermanent beauty of the southwest landscape.” According to his bio, “after six years in the newspaper industry, [Brown’s] focus turned to the under-represented, undiscovered people and places of the world,” and he has “traveled to far reaches of the world to document world disasters, culturally rich (and changing) locales, and unique and beautiful landscapes.”
The photograph to he right was shot by Lennette Newell of Placerville, California with a Hasselblad, Profoto. Titled “Siren & Serpent,” the photograph recalls the story of the Garden of Eden. “Lennette’s photographic approach is based upon conceptual and aesthetic exploration; pushing the boundaries of story telling through her energetic, discerning creative process most commonly threaded through the animal kingdom.”

There’s still time to enter work into the Nudes5 competition! Submit by Tuesday, April 3.

Author: Graphis