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Simply Silver: Creative Director Silver Cuellar III Featured in Journal #368

Silver Cuellar III, featured in Journal #368, is the creative director at The Tombras Group, based in…

Graphis Exhibitions: Graphis Recently Held It’s Inaugural Exhibition Program in Atlanta with Resounding Success

Partnering with AIGA Atlanta, Graphis’ newly launched Exhibitions program went off with a bang this last month

Photography: US-based Patrick Molnar and Michael Mayo Envision American Freedom

These Southern-based photographers know how to capture individualistic independence 

Nudes: Craig Bromley, Laurie Frankel (US) and Gabriele Viertel (NL) Present Intriguing Pieces

Graphis is honored to present the works of these wondrous Photographers in this week’s nudes spotlight

Nude Photography 5: New Entries

ABOVE — Parish Kohanim of Parish Kohanim Photography (Georgia, USA) IN THEIR OWN WORDS: I just wanted…

Nudes5: Craig Bromley & more from the USA

The eerie and mysterious photograph above was shot by Craig Bromley of Atlanta, Georgia with a Canon, 50mm as…