Photography: US-based Patrick Molnar and Michael Mayo Envision American Freedom

These Southern-based photographers know how to capture individualistic independence 

Atlanta, Georgia-based photographer Patrick Molnar’s Lake #1 (ABOVE) explores this exhilarating freedom, albeit in the form of swimming. After all, early astronauts prepared for space travel by doing much the same, floating weightlessly in water. It’s the same sentiment that is shared by the model in this photo, hands outstretched, eyes closed, breathing in this wondrously isolated moment.
As many advertisements heralded in the mid-20th century, the car was a way in which to experience everything and anything. It was a representation of what was possible in travel—you could go anywhere, whenever you so desired. It’s a powerful sentiment, one that the Big Three of Detroit continue to tout.

Michael Mayo of Dallas, Texas explores this ideal with his work, Girl in Red Mercedes (ABOVE). Invoking ideations of self-determination and individual sovereignty, Mayo’s subject is isolated, and yet basking in the warm sliver of the sun. American infrastructure provides the tools necessary for this woman to make the trip she wants, all on the open road.
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