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The Future of Cute: Latest Entries for New Talent Annual 2022

Today’s New Talent entries feature similar color palettes and the ideas of modernism and the future, though…

Fashionable and Chic Photography 2021 Entries

Photographer Gaspar Marquez for his client, NAKID MAGAZINE, and photographer Aman Shakya for his client, SCAD Savannah…

Graphis Exhibitions: Graphis Recently Held It’s Inaugural Exhibition Program in Atlanta with Resounding Success

Partnering with AIGA Atlanta, Graphis’ newly launched Exhibitions program went off with a bang this last month

Photography: US-based Patrick Molnar and Michael Mayo Envision American Freedom

These Southern-based photographers know how to capture individualistic independence 

Photo: Georgia’s Parish Kohanim, Hadley Stambaugh, and Dylan Wilson Utilize the Gaze

These supremely talented photographers from Georgia focalize on the female form

Nudes: Craig Bromley, Laurie Frankel (US) and Gabriele Viertel (NL) Present Intriguing Pieces

Graphis is honored to present the works of these wondrous Photographers in this week’s nudes spotlight

Nudes5: Craig Bromley & more from the USA

The eerie and mysterious photograph above was shot by Craig Bromley of Atlanta, Georgia with a Canon, 50mm as…

Photo: Parish Kohanim & more from Georgia, US

The image above is a Platinum Award-winning photo series in last year’s Photography Annual. “Reflections (Square)” is…

Typography4: Jennifer McCarn & others from Georgia

The deadline for the Typography4: Typeface Design and Type in Use competitions is coming up fast! Above…