Fashionable and Chic Photography 2021 Entries

Photographer Gaspar Marquez for his client, NAKID MAGAZINE, and photographer Aman Shakya for his client, SCAD Savannah Film Festival, have submitted sleek, stylish photos to the Photography Annual 2021 competition. 

Marquez’s “KINDA METALLIC,”(above) is an exclusive fashion editorial that he and his team shot on the streets and rooftops of Manhattan. His goal was to give the shoot an edgy, cool, and provocative look while also keeping it classy and elegant. The color palette of the clothing and the model’s closeness doing exactly what Marquez was trying to do: the clothing pieces allowed for both a classy and provocative look and the model’s stony stares adds to this. All seven photos in the series stay consistent with the feel of the shoot.

Shakya’s “Jharrel,”(above) is a photo for the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, including Emmy-award winner Jharrel Jerome. Shakya’s image had been used as promotional materials for SCAD as well as having been photographed on-location at SCAD Savannah Film Festival. The beautiful contrast between Jharrel Jerome’s dark, maroon suit and the vibrant, ocean blue of the room is eye-catching. 

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