Photo: Georgia’s Parish Kohanim, Hadley Stambaugh, and Dylan Wilson Utilize the Gaze

These supremely talented photographers from Georgia focalize on the female form

Such seems to be the focus of photographers, Parish Kohanim, Dylan Wilson, and Hadley Stambaugh, who celebrate women and their beauty.
Kohanim‘s Platinum-winning work, Abstract Study I (ABOVE), details the undying allure of femininity, presented in a noir-like setting. With a hexagonal shadow draped over the model’s face, similar in composition to both a honeycomb design and a veil. The symmetry of the work points to the inherent connection and between man and nature, providing a cyclical aesthetic that humanizes and yet also alienates.


Hadley Stambaugh‘s That Girl (ABOVE, LEFT), is an arresting look into street photography, providing a grainy visual that points to the grittiness of urban life and yet underlying attractiveness of that life and everything that goes into it. The contrast between the pink and red dress of the model and the blue and grey background subtly points to the inherent juxtaposition of life in the big city.
Dylan Wilson‘s Bethany DeZelle (ABOVE, RIGHT), perhaps most overtly incorporates the male gaze. The model’s dazed look, seemingly shocked by the scopophilic stare, is both arresting and alluring. Combined with the dripping background, there is a sense of unease that we are subjected to in Wilson‘s work, one that elevates this work to new heights of elegance.
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