New Talent: Socially Conscious Winning Works and New Entries from Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School presents some a new class of socially conscious inventiveness

There has seldom been a more vital topic for youthful generations than environmentalism. In recent years, it has become the crux of political, social, and cultural dilemma facing us today. While previous generations poured their heart and souls into civil rights, anti-war sentiments, economic stability, and housing crises, millennials are increasingly more concerned with the terrifying notion of losing our planet to smog, pollution, overpopulation, and more.
It’s a bleak outlook, but one that students have increasingly begun exploring in their work. Here at Graphis, more social and political protest posters have been submitted via our New Talents competition than through any other category. It paints a picture as to the realities that each generation is aware and responds to. And Miami Ad School is no different.
Professor Alé Torres and students Thomaz Jefferson, Eduardo Chaves, Bruno Giuseppe, Lorran Schoechet Gurman, Adriano Tozin, and Gabriel Gakas have created a series of captivating ficitional posters for the WWF. Entitled WWF – Balloon Animals (ABOVE), the work points to the fragility of these animals through the symbolic representation of them with balloons. With the tagline “too fragile for human greed” accompanying the posters, the gold-winning work showcases the empathetic viewpoint that so many in Generation Z share.
The silver-award winning work from professors Hank Richardson and Adriana Pellegrini along with student Carolina Lara-Mesa showcase another socially conscious project, one that utilizes a ’70s-inspired aesthetic.The tagline, Show Your True Colors (ABOVE, LEFT), has intertwining lettering and cascading colors, demonstrating that there is a fluidity of culture and personality that exists with us all. It’s a powerful work, one that promotes sociocultural positivity.
Students Connor Witt and Hatem El-Akad have approached their work with a admittedly more jovial and upbeat look, one that focuses on our furry canine friends. The magazine, Doggy Style (ABOVE, RIGHT), showcases a bevy of different dog editorials, all while intertwining a pronounced adoration of man’s best friend.
Be sure to submit your work to Graphis’ Annual New Talent Competition before the looming October 9 deadline! Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms.
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