Graphis Master: Branding7 Platinum Winner Boris Ljubičić Redefines Institutional Identity

With the Branding 7 winners having been announced recently, Graphis is proud to present Boris Ljubičić as one of our Graphis Masters. Be sure to read more about the virtuous artist in our upcoming book, which you can PREORDER NOW!

Boris Ljubičić doesn’t like confining himself into a singular perspective. Over the years, Ljubičić has redefined his small design firm, STUDIO INTERNATIONAL, into exactly what he has always hoped for the Zagreb-based studio—to be an international player that elevates Croatian design traditions to the same ones held by powerhouse design cities like New York, London, and Tokyo. Having championed the Croatian alternating square design (ABOVE) for decades, Ljubičić has been instrumental in making it a logo that has been recognized the world over.
The septuagenarian has long been a champion of his small country of under 5 million. Now having seen the nation reach the final of the world’s largest and most watched sporting tournament, it appears that Ljubičić can rest easy knowing that him and the stoic twenty-two man soccer team have brought the look and design of the Croatian checker to people worldwide.
Furthermore, Ljubičić has constructed a myriad of inspired designs, including this year’s Branding 7 Platinum winner. From the Mediterranean Games Poster of 1979 (ABOVE, LEFT) to his more recent work for the Museum of Contemporary Art (ABOVE, RIGHT), Ljubičić has done tremendous work in constructing new and tantalizing ways to view brands. Therefore, it makes all the more sense to usher in the artist into the annals of Graphis Masters.
To read more about Ljubičić’s work ethic, passions, and design ethos, be sure to pick up a copy of our newest Branding 7, which is available to PREORDER NOW until Thursday, August 30th @ 12pm EST.
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