New Talent: Academy of Art University Produces Winning Work

The San Francisco-based university brings out the best in their students

As a student, one must find inspiration anywhere and everywhere they can. Whether it’s the work of fellow designers and advertisers or from a particular song, film, or book, aspiring creative professionals have to look everywhere to grow and create excellent work. And that includes the professors who help hone these students’ skills.
The Academy of Art University’s professor Thomas McNulty is one such mentor, working with student Zahra Ilyas to create the Gold award-winning advertisement for St. George Whiskey (ABOVE). The simplistic presentation meshes seamlessly with the sophistication that is associated with single malt whiskey. Realizing the aficionado’s use of freezer-cooled rocks instead of diluting ice cubes, professor McNulty and student Ilyas have created a tantalizing advertisement for St. George Whiskey.

Professor Carolina De Bartolo’s work with student Juan Manuel Corredor is yet another excellent entry. The silver award-winning piece, entitled Hydraulic Fracturing and the Energy Industry in the US (ABOVE), has an overt environmentalist viewpoint that points to the growing issue that fracking is posing to America’s environment.
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