Nude Photography 5: New Entries

ABOVE — Parish Kohanim of Parish Kohanim Photography (Georgia, USA)
I just wanted to get all of this shot with my camera without having to rely on Photoshop. This is how I normally work. I like to plan ahead and take care of the details before and during the shoot rather than spending a lot of unnecessary time sitting in front of my computer trying to achieve the same result.
Personal and commissioned work is quite easy to balance for me since I enjoy producing high-quality images in any form. Quite often, my commissioned work has been triggered by a set of personal images that have inspired an art director with an idea. It’s always a pleasure working with talented and inspiring agencies and art directors all over the world.
The best working relationship with a client always comes from good communication and knowing that you are both working towards the same goal. As agencies and clients come to me for my particular style, there is always a good understanding of what they can expect. From there, we build on what the art director and client are aiming to achieve and continue to refine the results throughout the shoot until perfection is reached.


ABOVE — R Lutz of Timeless Digital Moments (Florida, USA)
Shot in studio with single Profoto B1 strobe with strip light softbox and egg crate modifier located above and behind model. Stobe was adjusted manually at about half power. Camera set to Manual 1/125 and F11. Black Commando Cloth and background were used to provide the deep blacks in the background. Final photos were cropped to remove any residual strobe light and very little editing.
Results are as you see them in these photos — Low Key Bodyscapes to accentuate the form and lines of the female figure.


To see more submissions, check out the Nudes 5 Competition page — there are still 18 days left to enter before the deadline!

Author: Graphis