Type: THERE IS Studio & RM&TYPE from the UK

THERE IS Studio located in London designed the above poster (left) for their client, Harper Collins. Their method was to photograph “liquid pouring over 3-dimensional type to create something intriguing, graphic and otherworldly.” The team at THERE IS Studio create award-winning artwork for a varied range of clients globally from advertising to music, editorial and publishing; with the work being featured in numerous books, and magazines.

The typeface design beside it was designed by Alfio Mazzei of RM&TYPE (RM&CO) in London. “Kill screen is a conceptually driven display typeface designed as an identity system for the association Radix, a Swiss social service working with young people dealing with drug abuse.”

The typeface and poster above were also designed by Alfio Mazzei of RM&TYPE (RM&CO) under Creative Director Pete Rossi. The object was to create an “identity for an edition of the Swiss radio festival Gwenstival in 2017. The theme of the edition was (radiophonic) maps, as the Radiogwen web-radio was allowed to go on FM for a couple of weeks.”
In 2013, Pete Rossi “co-founded design studio RM&CO and in 2018 co-founded type foundry RM&TYPE with Swiss partner Alfio Mazzei, working in fields from Art direction, Branding, Brand guidelines, Book design, Digital media, Typography, Identity, Print and self initiated projects.”

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Author: Graphis